Not to be Mr. Cranky, but please ARRIVE 15-20 MINUTES EARLY! Everyone needs to Check in & sign waivers 

If you don't have the ENTIRE Lane booked to yourself (8 people), and your whole group is not there at the start time, you may not be able to throw (So make sure you use that brand new smartphone to text your group chat & make sure your friends are on time!) 


Also, you MUST wear or BRING Closed-Toe Shoes!! 


Are you a bar where we can just come & have drinks?


Sure! (You can also do A LOT more) We welcome walk-ins! There may not be availability to throw Axes at that time, but you can make an appointment at Mr. Stumpy’s for a later time and check out the vibe, play some Mini-Golf, or spend some time in our Fun Park with 10 attractions to choose from! 

To guarantee availability, we STRONGLY recommend booking your sling ONLINE!


How much does Mr. Stumpy’s Charge & do I have to pay up front?


The cost is $20+tax/pp for the 1 Hour range/lane reservation and you pay a deposit when you make the reservation online. Walk-ins are $25+tax/pp.

Normal reservations are fully refundable up until 24 hours before. Book HERE!


How do "Walk-Ins" work?


When Mr. Stumpy’s does have walk-in space, the lane times start top of every hour on the hour.  You most likely will NOT be able to just walk in and start throwing.  But everyone’s always welcome to hang and enjoy the amenities of the 19th Hole Beer and Wine Garden  :)


For our current schedule/availability, click HERE 

Can we just get the Range to ourselves?


Eight (8) people translates to having The Range at Mr. Stumpy’s to yourselves. To be the only group in The Range, book for 8 people on our booking page.  If you purchase for fewer than 8 people, you may just share the range with some new Lumber Jack/Jill pals! (Should an odd number of Throwers decide to get into an open spot.) 


Once you have The Range at Mr. Stumpy’s to yourselves with 8 people, this means you can also purchase for up to 4 "extra" people for that range, maxing out at 12. (12 Throwers MAX on The Range for Hourly Bookings!!)


**ADD-ON’S (Extra People) are ONLY allowed on the fly with FULL-Range bookings of 8 people.  Adding "extra" people who have not made a reservation to a 2-Person booking will sometimes not be possible if The Range is already full/reserved.  This will not be fun for anyone, as nobody wants to be crammed together! :( 


More than 12? Contact us at

I don't want to throw, just hang with my friends and watch. Do I have to pay?


Non-Throwers are NEVER allowed in Mr. Stumpy’s Range, BUT...

are ALWAYS welcome to enjoy the amenities of Mr. Putty’s & The 19th Hole Beer & Wine Garden


What Ages can Throw at Mr. Stumpy's


Simply put.  Ages 21+

NO Exceptions. 

(We have PLENTY of other activities for those who are under the age of 21)

Check out Mr. Putty’s Attractions CLICK HERE

What is your Lateness Policy?




If you arrive after your start time and do not have the entire range to yourselves, you may not be allowed to throw. This is for two reasons.

      1. Because it wouldn't be fair to stop the other guests’ gameplay in order              to go over the safety guidelines and instructions. 

      2. Yo spot may be gone fool! 


You are fine if you have the entire range booked to yourselves - your throwing time will just be shortened to end at the regular time. 




Can we bring our own food and/or drink?


We DO NOT ALLOW any outside food or beverages. If you'd like to bring a Cake, Cupcakes, Pie, Grandmas Cookies etc.... For a Special Event that is completely ok and we would even be happy to store it in our fridge for you. 

Click here to read more about Special Events, which must be booked through or Contact: ( 


No BYOB is allowed, as we do have a bar on site.

(The 19th Hole Beer & Wine Garden)

*Anyone observed bringing in their own Alcohol or observed to be visibly intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises IMMEDIATELY* :) 




Does Mr. Stumpy’s sell Beer/Wine & Food?


We cannot have HANGRY, Thirsty Axe Chuckers at Mr. Stumpy’s! 

We have a selection of 20(+/-) Domestic, Import & Craft Beers and a Selection of 10(+/-) Red, White & Blush Wines.  We also have a full food menu straight from Mr. Putty’s Kitchen! Click Here! For our Food Menu.




Birthday Parties, Team Building, Client Events, Corporate & Group Outings, Bachelor (ette) Parties... are they hard to arrange?


We make it easy! If you don’t want a Food, Mini-Golf, Attraction package or just want to come in and throw some axes, just make a regular booking following the rules as stated and include a Note at check-out that you are having an event. 


Remember – if you want to reserve the whole range, you need to book for a minimum of 8 people (and then you can add 4 “additional” guests at $25/pp at checkout).

Don’t forget to put a note that you are requesting a range to yourselves!


 *Please Contact us if you have any questions about special accommodations or have food allergy concerns* 


Our Special Events department can also help you book for groups larger than 12, or if you want more than an-hour session. For weekend events, try to contact us AT-LEAST two weeks in advance!   




Can I book an event outside of your normal hours?


Absolutely! Just email us at More information can be found on our Special Events page HERE

We also host Monthly (21+) After Hours events 

Night on The Green at Mr. Putty’s  





What is your cancellation policy?


Oh, no you don't! You can't chicken out! Just kidding. You will get a FULL REFUND up to 24 Hours in advance of your time. Sorry but within 24 hours there are no refunds. :'(


If you book a Special Event, you will get a full refund up to 5 days before your reservation.




Will we be taught how to throw?


Mr. Stumpy’s Range has a dedicated Ax-pert that not only teaches the rules, but coaches you on how to throw. You will never be in the range without your Ax-pert! 




What should I wear? Do I have to grow a beard and wear a flannel shirt?


We have only two requirements:

  1.  Closed-toe shoes (no high heels even if they are closed-toe) Why would you wear your red bottoms? 

  2. A shirt which gives you full range of motion.


We DO have plenty of flannels and beards for the full-effect. Did someone say photo-op? You're welcome. 




Can I bring my own axe?





Can I buy Gift Certificates?


We’re working on it! But you can always buy a Mr. Putty’s Gift Card to use on other fun activities. BUY ONE HERE




Where can we find our photos?


We post each Axe-Slinging Crew on our Mr. Stumpy’s Axe Throwing-At The 19th Hole Beer & Wine Garden page daily! Please tag yourselves and share!




Do Mr. Stumpy’s Ax-perts accept tips?


Tipping is never required but always appreciated! Our Ax-perts will do their best to make your experience fun and exciting. It's OK to show them some love!  



How do I find Mr. Stumpy’s?


Mr. Stumpy’s Axe Throwing is conveniently located inside of the 19th Hole Beer & Wine Garden located at Mr. Putty’s Fun Park.

2333 Dam Road

Tega Cay, SC 29708 




What is parking like at Mr. Stumpy’s?


You will always be able to find parking.  If our main lot is filled up there is Additional Parking in Walmart parking lot. We have a private fenced in sidewalk that will take you up through the park, follow it through to the back until you see the sign for The 19th Hole Beer & Wine Garden 


REMEMBER: We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your start time!




What kind of payments do you accept?


We accept cash, all major credit cards and Apple Pay.  Cash is always preferred